vendredi 24 juin 2011

The Universe

Probably everyone knows or "should know" about the basic topics that explain our universe, people presumably learn this at school science class, and then if u enjoy reading sciences, or might watch it on TV programs from time to time. I found a very easy understanding ilustration that might help to remember how the universe is made.

The Earth, the Sun and the Moon, are not very similar to us, althought, the material that compose such things has the same origin as the materia that compose our bodies. So quoting the famous musical artist, Moby... "We are all made of stars".

What stars are? The stars are extreamly hot gas spheres whom produce energy and emit light, is inside the stars where the esential bricks of materia are built.
How far are we from stars? The stars are very remote from us, the sun is 150 km far from the Earth, wich is the closest star and provides the light that makes possible life in the Earth, apart from the sun the other "closest" star for us is due 40,000 billions of kilometers.
What are the planets and the moon? A planet is a spheric corp that spins around the sun. The moon is a satellite that spins around the earth. In difference with the stars, the planets and the moons, they do not emit any light, they refer from the sun.
What is the size of the Earth? The Earth is sphere almost perfect wich diameter is 12,756 kilometers, flattened a little bit in each pole, must travel 40,076 km to go around along the equator.
What is the Earth made of? The Earth is a sphere composed by rocks, the water from the oceans covers three quarters from its surface, in the center of this sphere there is an iron-rich core. The Earth as the other planets, exist as long as the sun, wich is 4,6 billions of years ago.
What is the Sun made of? The sun 110 times bigger and 330 000 heaviest than the Earth is a giant sphere essentially made of the two lightest gases: hydrogen and helium. It shines because its extreamly hot and by the energy it produce in its center.
What about us? What are we made of? All the elements that conforme the human body are found as well in the rest of the universe, they were formed during the first three minutes of the aparition of the universe, and a bit later in the stars as well.

So enjoy this valuabable link, you already have the translation in english to explain to your kids ;)
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jeudi 9 juin 2011

Type of fruits

The flowering plants called angiosperms are those plants whom produce fruits, and when we say fruit we must include the vegetables, because Yes, a vegetable scientifically speaking is a fruit.

I found this useful link to see their classification: