Who am I

I am a Biologist girl in her 30's, wich I consider is a wise age, you are not so dumb as you usually are at your 20s (sure there should be some young people who makes the exception to the rule) but either too old, so I hope to be able to share quality thoughts in this. I am saying this because I am 30... but I wonder how I will feel at my 40s... not in a hurry tho!
I move to live in Ile de France,  and I can tell that moving will always be an eye opener, you miss things and you discover new ones, even rediscovering things you left behind. Between my warm America and the European continent there is not only a big ocean, not wanting to say, one is better than the other, is different places. I always say, see what you have right now, taste it, smell it, touch it, and listen, there will always be wisdom to learn, and earn, and this life is just about to enjoy moments, places, and the people around you; that is what life is about.
I could quote more attributes and defects about my personality and my way of thinking but I rather let it flow while I am posting in this blog.