Pissenlit - Diente de Leon

  • A little worm....

It was a rainy warm day in El Grullo, the floor outside was moist and the trees where still dripping from the nocturnal storm, Pissenlit was not allowed to go outside, not even to catch the toads who where still looking for a hideaway before the sun start to evaporate the water, instead of that prohibited activity, Pissenlit was bouncing in the sofa looking outside through the window, her parents where more than embedded talking about the type of things wich no kid will ever try or could understand, grownold stuff with weird words wich make no sense in a child's world full of bicycles, jumping in the water, running in the grass, drinking hot milk before bed, chasing frogs, climbing mango trees or eating sweet cake prepared for nuns, "Who knows why the nuns are preparing cake", Pissenlit used to wonder.... "they suppose to be just nuns, don't they?" she used to wonder every time her mother said, "Lets go get a Birthday cake with the nuns!" in her mind the nuns where like giant oompa-loompas in long dark skirts baking cake all day long.
As her parent's talk got more enthusiastic, Pissenlit had to stop her nun's cake thoughts by a vision much more interesting moving outside the house, there in the garden, there was... there was... a little... medium.. there was a little worm!, as long as she realize her discover she didn't hesitate on shout it out loud to everybody...
- "Mom!, look! there is a little worm outside!"
- "Stop bothering sweetie, we're speaking" (The mother said)
Getting tierd of being ignored, the little girl couldn't find another solution than talking straight to the woman who was discussing with her parents.
- "Lety, look outside! Ther is a little worm in the backyard!"
The young woman, avoiding an embarassing moment infront of her boss and wife's boss felt forced to listen to the little girl and took a look outside to obey Pissenlit demand.
- "Oh my God, Mr. Sergio! It is a snake! a snake!"
-  "It is a worm!" Pissenlit insisted.
As far as Mr. Sergio look at the big snake, he hurry up to look for a big machete and get rid of the animal. Everybody was running outside to see it closer, but Pissenlit was forced to stay inside the house wondering why everybody was so scared and why was it such a big deal, "in the first place nobody cared about the worm, why are they so excited now?" she think for herself... then suddenly an horrible feeling invaded her heart and mind, Mr. Sergio wanted to kill it! Pissenlit start thinking she shouldn't have said anything, the poor worm was going to be murdered because of her, her father was going outside the house holding a giant machete in one hand, and a broom in the other. On the spur of the moment Pissenlit couldn't do more than covering her eyes with her hands and shrink her body inside the sofa...  everything was over. The last thing she saw was her father grabbing the dead worm and throwing it over the fence. Pissenlit never expected that reaction from the grown old people, and always regret on telling them. That is how pissenlit learned that some animals can be  poisonous, nevertheless she never understood why they have to die, the little worm was going away and he did not appeared to be a threat for anybody.

  • The tree of the hanged man
El Grullo was a little tropical town, green as a jungle in rain season. The wild life was visible even  during the dark humid nights with millions of stars lighting the streets after the storms, the stone streets became little rivers dragging sticks, rocks and mud, going down the mointans between the houses, the stars making shine the back of frogs and toads while singing different love songs to each other, you could see the green light bugs shining everywhere like little fairys landing in your clothes...