jeudi 19 mai 2011

Hanging out in the balcony

The Pink Lady

For the last months, I have been trying on tasting different variety of apples, since in the country where I am from there is not such a big gamma to choose in the market from this fruit in particular, and me… I love tasting new flavors! In France in a market, some times you can find as much different types of apples as the fingers in both of your hands.
One day while having by breakfast a “pink lady” apple, I took the time to separate all the seeds inside the pulp to place them near to the window where the sun could warm them up, and as I was giving the last bites I start thinking on how pretty could be a pink lady apple tree…
The days went by and the seeds remain close to the window, every morning I look at them and wonder if I should better throw them away since in an apartment there is no place for an apple tree.  Finally after a few weeks, whilst doing gardening in the balcony I push the seeds inside a plastic bag full of soil I was hesitating on getting rid off, but instead, I left it in the kitchen, near to the calefaction… then again, the days went by and when I finally decide to put the bag on the trash I saw a little tiny green living plant growing on and wearing the remains of a broken seed as a hat.

Like that, she grow what I call two baby milk leaves, later she let them dry and fell, to keep growing serrated leaves in pairs, 2, 4, 6… and now I wish I could have taken a picture of such cute growing baby tree. I vacillate between taking care of her till she is grow enough to plant her outdoors in an appropriated clime or to assign a place for her in one of the bonsai pots with the hope of seeing her grow, but not to much so she can stay in the apartment. I went for option two.
My advice to you is; put a seed in the ground, and watch it grow... it will remaind you how incredible nature is.

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  2. so beautiful, I am sure you will find a good place for that apple tree.