lundi 23 mai 2011

The Prisoner

One day I bought a pet to my daughter, it was a cute baby rabbit, was so small and probably the pet shop took it away from the mother to soon, so, the rabbit died just 5 days after we took it home. Since then my daughter can not forget the tragedy and she cries asking me, "why did he died?"... 

One day while I was vacuming the carpet in my bedroom, I notice we had a visitor, in my own bed there was a cute brunette long legs spider, and no, my husband was NOT having an affair, it was a real spider! Quickly I called my daughter to bring me the hunting equipment we bought for insects to capture the intruder, and there was she, inside an empty mermelade bottle, trying to sew her silk couture inside her new home. It have been more than a week since she lives with us, and she is fearless, everytime we feed her with ants, flyes and any other univited insect, she attacks, jumps and bites no mercy what so ever! 

Could sound like a bad show for a kid but, in the other hand, it helped my kid to understand life is a chain and we all are part of it, survive by eating other living creatures does not make us better or worse, it just make us one more animal species, and there is beauty in all living things. Finally I realize this is the perfect pet for a kid, there is no mess to clean, no hands to wash, no special food to bought, and the best is that if someday we have to go on vacation away from home, we can always set her free back to her spider life and she won't die of starvation. Just make sure the spider is not a dangerous one !

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